Early Learning

High School Science and Mathematics Magnet programs provide academically talented students with educational experiences that integrate mathematics, science, and technology beyond the traditional advanced programs. Admission to these programs is competitive based on prior academic success and interest and motivation in science and mathematics. Each year hundreds of students apply for a limited number of seats. Entering students must have completed courses in Algebra I and geometry prior to high school.

Experiential Learning

Modern technology affords us with the fantastic ability to view libraries of information in seconds. However, just as in all our school settings; a laboratory is necessary to demonstrate academic concepts as related to STEM education. i3d works with educators to create interesting immersive 3d environments for experiential learning and experimentation.

The Cellular Age

It’s an amazing time. We have information and the power of it at our fingertips. We live in a society where most information and communication is through the use of technology. Educators, knowledge seekers, artists – everyone needs to know STEM concepts to enjoy and thrive in this most exciting time.

Privacy Policy: i3d collects no student, teacher or parent information. No program contains an in-app advertisement. All activities have been rated "E" for everyone.


Immersive 3d LLC (i3d) creates learning games and applications to help teach and support S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts. The company is committed to creating the most innovative learning programs and making them accessible to everyone.