• VR Simulation Manufacturing Process

  • VR Simulation Manufacturing Process

  • Quest Virtual Reality

    Immersive 3D has been creating virtual learning and training simulations for decades. In the past the cost of these programs generally limited them to government contracts. Immersive 3D has sought to bring these programs to students and teachers as cutting-edge STEM applications. The cost of the equipment and peripherals has always caused the student, teacher or school to lag behind in keeping up with the latest technologies and programs.

    This is why we at Immersive 3D are particularly excited about the Quest VR system. It costs about $400. The virtual experience can be mirrored to large screen displays using a Google Chromecast device that costs about $60. This can create a detailed virtual lab for an entire group of students and teachers.

  • Logo Creation Simulator

    This Quest VR program was created for RTR Technologies for process analysis and to test the feasibility of alternate processes

    Build 1.0 v1.00

    August 1, 2020