I3D provided visualization support for study to measure 'touch points' during aircraft carrier landings.

I3D won a Navy Office of Naval Research grant. I3D created 'Tadpoles' (based on the Navy Leapfrogs skydiving teams). Tadpoles became part of the ONR 'STEM to Stern' program designed to teach children physics concepts.

These images were part of a simulation designed to demonstrate Northrop Grumman reconnaissance capabilities related to the Predator drone.

These images are of the Port of Entry at he Nogales, Arizona Deconcini Border. The simulation and visualiztion was based on data collected at the site and with various procedures used by Border Control.

This is another example of a Port Of Entry Simulation and Visualization. Dulles Internationa Airport was modeled in exact detail to test the human traffic flow using various configurations and procedures.

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