Scientific Method

Alert!! Aliens have crash landed on earth. There are four species of aliens who need to stay here on Earth until they can repair their craft and return to space. Scientists cannot communicate with them verbally and urgently need to find the best climate for them to thrive. The Alien Relocation Project does just that. You can test the adaptability of each group of aliens to various environment factors in our laboratory. Use the Scientific Method to determine the alien species' preferences. Then assign a earth based biome for each species.

Robotics and Scripting

Danger High Voltage! The Software Programming Instructor aka. S.P.IN. contains dangerous fuel cells and a robotic arm to place them in the proper energy receptacle. While most of the time, robots can be left to their own devices, there is a slight problem with the Academy's Most Important Robotic Arm 'A.M.I.R.A'. You must take control of A.M.I.R.A. and learn to script her to automate the process.

Mathematics, Heat Transfer and Rocketry

T minus 10 and Counting! Scientists have discovered 3 compounds that may be suitable for use as a rocket fuel. Your mission is to create mixtures of these fuels and oxidizers to create propellant for your test rocket. You will need to experiment with propellant mixtures and rocket preparation to accomplish future missions. Your mathematical skills will help you to create propellants for rockets to carry a heavy payload, fly real fast or fly very far.